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"Jamie Evans is that rare breed of producer that can play a variety of instruments in an enthralling manner, coax an emotional performance out of a musician and sculpt a sonic identity that feels fresh. But the talent that always catches you by surprise is his gift for artist development - it is second to none."

Shane Shanahan, Owner, Producer & Engineer, Westpoint Studios

"Jamie Evans is one of the most talented, passionate and musical people I've ever met. To limit him to the title of 'Producer' is to do him a disservice.  Working together with his talents brought a new life to my songs that excelled all my expectations. I finally heard the soul and sound I had been searching for. You can't just record music, you have to also be able to understand its nature and also that of the artist you work with. He accomplishes both. Not only is he a gifted song writer, he is also a multi-instrumentalist and arranger.  Once you combine his talents along with his incredible ability to bring people together on a project and bring the utmost best out of everyone involved you'll see why he is quite simply the best guy around to work with. A life changing talent. "

Lynne Jackaman , Artist

"Jamie is undoubtedly one of the greatest talents I have met in my 23 years in the music industry. He is a truly gifted songwriter, musician and a massively talented producer. He works with great precision and vision and has an amazing career ahead of him."

David Rowell, Partner / Owner, Autonomy Music Group

Jamie is the most gifted producer and musician I’ve worked with. He breathes life and soul into songs, knows how to motivate and manage artists, he plays every instrument under the sun, in every style. What sets him apart from other producers I’ve worked with is he knows not just what a song needs, but also what it doesn’t need. It’s all about the song. Working with Jamie is a pleasure and a joy. And my songs sound better than I could ever have expected.

Rich Quarterman, Artist

"Jamie is an inspirational music producer who unlocks the inner musical creativity often unrealised by many artists. Incredibly talented in his own right, he's a multi-instrumentalist and vocal specialist. Working at Fame Studios, Alabama, Jamie Produced and Directed some of the most influential musicians of our time, including Clayton Ivey, Jim Horn and Bob Wray. He is adept at vocal arrangement, song writing and creative direction."

Richard Hannan, General Manager, Big Indie

Not only is Jamie an extremely talented singer and musician, he is also one of the nicest and funniest blokes I’ve ever met.  As a producer Jamie never fails to bring out the best in you.  His vibe, his talent, creativity and passion are infectious and it’s an honour to have worked with him.  Looking forward to the next time.

Paul Stone, Session Drummer

"Jamie has worked as a producer and co-writer on a number of different projects in different musical genres for me. His professionalism, enthusiasm, diligence, creativity, attention to detail and passion make him a joy to work with and his results are astonishing. He draws the best out of everyone he works with and puts in hours beyond the call of duty to make sure the job is done to the highest possible standard."

Sarah Woodward, Manager, Ecco Recordings

"Jamie is cut from a different cloth. I’ve never known someone deconstruct, analyse, rebuild and record a track either as quickly or as authentically as him. The Luka State and I feel privileged to have worked with a man who only knows how to give 110%."

Jim De Whalley, Manager, The Luka State

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